Welcome to My Site


My name is Mac McDonald.  I am a retired programmer who loves to dabble with WordPress.  (Don't take that 'dabble' too literally – I do professional quality work!)  I do a lot of work for non-profit or charitable organizations and I do not charge them for the work.

I try to assist other WordPress users by answering questions posted on the WP Support forums.  Along the way, I have posted a number of code snippets and picked up a lot of good tips from others.

I originally just started collecting my code so that I could re-use it if the same question was posted again.  Then I realized that I could create a site to make the solutions available to anyone.

So, here it is.

Visit the 'Tips' pages to browse the articles.  If you find one of them useful, please leave me a comment so I will know how they helped.  And, if you find problems, please let me know.


There are 10 types of people – those who understand binary, and those who don't.

PS.  I use the name 'vtxyzzy' on the WP Support forums and several people have asked why I chose that name.  'xyzzy' was a magic word in the original adventure game, back when it was written in FORTRAN.  It would transport you from one location to another.  I ride a Honda VTX motorcycle which transports me, so I combined the two.