I have answered thousands of questions on the Support Forums of WordPress.org as vtxyzzy. Some of the problems have required more in-depth help than can be given in the forum.

For projects since January 1, 2011, if the poster will allow it, I get a login on their site and do the work there. Once the work is completed, if the poster agrees, I put a link here to a place on their site that will tell others about the work.

Here are links to some of the sites that I have either designed completely, or done a significant amount of work:

Of course, there have been many requests on the Support Forum that required only help on the forum. Here are links to only a few of the threads where I have contributed:

You can see all of the threads where I have posted on my Profile page: WP vtxyzzy

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  • James Coder says:

    I cannot thank Mac enough for all his help on Emergency Response Geeks. I’d asked him to help me build a donation button and fix a few other problems.
    The end result was that I had a lot more problems than I ever realized. Think Mac said I had 187,000 error messages in my logs.
    Mac also created 2 new themes. Plus he fixed our plug-ins, many of which were out-of-date and needed to be deleted. There had been no new updates in years.
    Pretty much what I managed to muck up in the last three years he cleaned up in a few hours. It is nice to know there are people like Mac that are willing to help. I’m sure your skills are commercially much more profitable. But your generosity does not go unnoticed. I look forward to working with you soon.

    The simple fact is if you need somebody that can help help you with your website. Mac is the best person I can suggest. Not only is he knowledgeable but is also kind enough to allow you to stumble but always has a helping hand available. Thanks again Mac.

  • Again Mac Came through with various pieces of code
    1 wp-calendar not filtering months in admin page ( fixed by Mac No problem )
    2. wp-calendar Css remove time in calendar to only show events with no time

    After looking through hundreds of forum posts and reading many docs asked mac and did it in double quick time
    so thanks to you for your generous time and experience

  • Again Mac Came to the Rescue
    I have 3 pages with tables which are repeated 20 times on 1 page the data in these tables have to be changed annually which usually messed up the table format
    I asked Mac if there was a way to use sql to generate the data on the page
    Mac came up with a solution far more simple and easier to maintain than my idea
    He used a wordpress plugin called Pods Framework
    He set up pods with a form like input for the table data
    he set up a page template that Read the pads fields and inserted the data into the generated table
    he went far beyoned my expectations and thought it would be easier in the future to use a form for the data something i would not have thought of
    Logged in users can see fields that are not available to normal visitors this has the added security of only being generated to users on request so is kept from prying eyes

    THANKS MAC For a wonderful Job

  • I posted a Drop Down Menu Help Support on the wordpress/support forum. And after a few attempts for help I got no responses. Still waiting and hoping I got a reply from Mac! Mac was extremely helpful and knowageable in everything he helped me with. Besides the drop down menu I needed help in many other areas of my website because it had broken code, unworking slideshows and issues Mac pointed out I had been unaware of. I gave Mac an Admin and Password to my wordpress site and he helped redo the entire site to make it fully functional and everything I needed. Mac is awesome at everything he does! Thank you so much for your help and support!!!!

  • Tom Hatfield says:

    It has been a pleasure to have Mac help us with the updates to our website, they were created by another volunteer who just could not give the time needed to do the updates. With his expertise in WordPress he has been able to rework the site and still keep the original design concept intact.

    When I explained to our board that our little organization here in Australia had the support of a developer in the USA they were amazed that we would be able to do it with such a distance of space and time, but that was the easy part! Mac has patiently worked through the site and made it better than the original and now we can proudly promote our group and our internet presence.

    Mere words cannot THANK enough, but I hope this will go some way to show our appreciation.

  • Mac helped me with a piece of code to Query the wp-calendar Plugin that output the contents of the calendar onto a page that was only needed every 6 months this worked Brilliantly for the first 6 months then when it generated the next time it showed up old events MAC came to the rescue and changed the code to only show current and future date
    Now the developer of the Plugin changed the way the date was handled and the code showed all date on the page as 1st January 1970 MAC again came to the rescue and fixed this with little effort the page is at
    provincial visitations

    Thanks MAC for ALL your HELP

  • The current site is a PHP/MySQL solution with WordPress hacked in. I have been re-working it as a strait WordPress solution, and the biggest decision i have had to make is to “custom post type” or not.

    I have found numerous articles on custom post types, but none of them addressed how to build a complex query to access them. Not sure on how it worked, I was not able to come up with a working solution. I could find no help on it anywhere.

    I posted on WP support forums, and even though I am a noob hack who can’t get the point accross right hte first time, Mac was patient with me, and provided me with what I beleive will be the right answer, convincing me that the custom post types were the correct way to go.


    Here is the WP support link:

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