Tutorial On Walker Class for wp_nav_menu

Have you ever wondered how you could change the look of the Custom Menus provided by WordPress 3+?  Here is a tutorial on creating a ‘Walker’ that will let you do that.

OK, so what is a ‘Walker’?

A Walker is just a bit of code that can process a list of items one at a time – it ‘walks’ the list.  The walker is called once for each item, in order, and receives all the details about each item.  It is responsible for assembling the details into the desired output for the item.

The tutorial shows you how to create a Walker that will add a short description to each top level menu item.

A Sticky Post Orderer Plugin

This plugin lets you order sticky posts on category and tag archive pages.

Download the plugin here.

video on using the plugin

Child Theme

Child themes are a great way to customize a theme without the chance of losing your changes when the theme is updated. Here are some resources to explain how to use them:


A tutorial


How to widgetize a theme

It is often useful to add a new area for widgets to a theme. The article in the link below provides a tutorial for ‘widgetizing’ a theme.

How to widgetize a theme

Arbitrary WordPress Queries

Here is a nice tutorial on using your own table in a WordPress query.

Using an external orderby condition – a tutorial on query filters

WordPress as CMS

I don’t think you will find any two people who agree completely on what features are needed to have a ‘real’ CMS.  I have my own views on the subject, but I think I am swimming against the tide.  Anyway, here are my thoughts and a couple of tutorials that explain how others use WP as a CMS.   Continue reading