Add a Tag to each Post in a Category

A WP user had a large number of posts in a certain category.  They wanted to add a tag to each post in that category.  Here is the procedure to do that with SQL commands.  Continue reading

Automatically Add Categories to Posts Based on Tags

The code below will automatically add categories to a post when it is published or updated.  This operates on one tag at a time and adds a category each time it finds a tag in the post that matches a tag in the $tag_categories array. So, if a post is in ‘info’, it will add category ‘information’, etc. Since it loops through all the tags for a post, it might add several categories. Continue reading

Custom Taxonomies

Custom taxonomies are a great way to tailor WordPress to your exact needs. Unfortunately, most people never use them because they seem too complicated. The articles below will help to clear up the fog and let you use these tools.

Justin Tadlock on Custom Taxonomies

CODEX: add_meta_box to add a meta box for hierarchical custom taxonomies

CODEX: Adding Admin Menus for adding a menu item for hierarchical custom taxonomies