Page Links To Plugin, aka Categories on a Page

How do I show a Category on a Page? Or, for that matter, how do I link to anything I want? This question comes up regularly on the Support forums.

The question really breaks down into two parts:

  1. How do I show categories on a page?
  2. How do I keep from duplicating the posts on the Home/Blog page?

There are several ways to do this, depending on your theme and the version of WordPress you are using. Continue reading

TDO Mini Forms

Web sites often need to allow users to add posts in a defined format.  TDO Mini Forms will allow your users to enter posts using a fill-in-the-blank form.

Link to  TDO Mini Forms plugin.

A Sticky Post Orderer Plugin

This plugin lets you order sticky posts on category and tag archive pages.

Download the plugin here.

video on using the plugin

Hide/Display Widgets on Selected Pages

Here is a plugin to Hide or Display Widgets on selected pages: Hide/Display Widgets on Selected Pages

Here is a newer one that has been tested up to WP 3.1 Widget Logic

Category Pagination Fix

Apparently there was a problem with category pagination and pretty permalinks in version 2.7 (and others?).  This plugin claims to be a fix:

Exclude Categories

Exclude categories from home page and more with Advanced Category Excluder.

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