Two Choices Widget

This widget provides a sidebar box that shows one of two states as set by an Administrator in the Widgets area.  The widget can show an image, text, or both.  A link can be provided so that clicking on the widget will direct the viewer to a new location.

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Page Links To Plugin, aka Categories on a Page

How do I show a Category on a Page? Or, for that matter, how do I link to anything I want? This question comes up regularly on the Support forums.

The question really breaks down into two parts:

  1. How do I show categories on a page?
  2. How do I keep from duplicating the posts on the Home/Blog page?

There are several ways to do this, depending on your theme and the version of WordPress you are using. Continue reading

A Sticky Post Orderer Plugin

This plugin lets you order sticky posts on category and tag archive pages.

Download the plugin here.

video on using the plugin

Hide/Display Widgets on Selected Pages

Here is a plugin to Hide or Display Widgets on selected pages: Hide/Display Widgets on Selected Pages

Here is a newer one that has been tested up to WP 3.1 Widget Logic

Category Pagination Fix

Apparently there was a problem with category pagination and pretty permalinks in version 2.7 (and others?).  This plugin claims to be a fix:

Exclude Categories

Exclude categories from home page and more with Advanced Category Excluder.

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