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Make Artisteer Header Area Clickable

If you have an Artisteer theme, here is how to make the header area clickable. This has been tested with:

  • WordPress 3.1.3
  • Artisteer 3
  • Firefox 5
  • IE 9
  • Chrome 12

First, make sure the Headline/Title is visible. Then, add the following lines to your style.css: Continue reading

Make Artisteer Header Area Clickable In WordPress

NOTE:  This only works for 3.0 Beta versions.  With 3.0 RC1, Artisteer changed the structure and names of classes.  A similar technique will work, but with different class names.

You really don’t need to modify any code to make an Artisteer 3.0 header area clickable.  You can do it all with CSS (at least in the designs I have tested).

I would suggest making a Child theme first so you don’t even need to change the generated style.css file.

Then, use Firefox with the Firebug addon, or another development tool so you can make on-the-fly changes to the CSS.

First, make sure the heading text generated by Artisteer is visible and clickable. Continue reading