Contact Form On A Two Column Page

A couple of threads on the WP Support Forum have asked for help in creating a contact form in one half of a two-column page.

One way to do this is by combining the use of the Fast Secure Contact Form plugin with the WP Easy Columns plugin.  Here is a screenshot of a test page showing the result in the Twenty Ten theme:

Two column contact form

4 Responses to Contact Form On A Two Column Page

  • Christi says:

    I split the Contact Form in half and built one to display in column one and one to display in column two. Any idea how to combine the submit buttons into one?

    • Mac McDonald says:

      Did you use two separate forms? If so, I don’t think you will be able to combine the buttons easily.

      • Christi says:

        Yes, I did use two separate forms because I couldn’t figure out how to separate one form over the two columns. Did you do that or did you just create two columns with the form on the left and then some other content on the right? So… The form itself doesn’t really span the two columns?

        • Christi says:

          Apologies, I totally misread your post. I see now that you were demonstrating a way to only display a contact form in one column. If I figure out how to combine the buttons, I will let you know. In theory, it shouldn’t be that hard. Just a call to each of the forms. Hopeful… Thanks!

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