WP 3.3.1, TNG 8.1.3 (and 9!), WP TNG Plugin 2.0 WORKING!!!

I recently wanted to set up a WordPress site and use ‘The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding‘ to create a genealogy page.  After a lot of trial and error, I was able to use the supplied TNG WP Integration plugin (supplied with TNG) to have a Page that showed the TNG pages inside a WP page.

Here is a short description of the steps that were needed:

  1. Install WordPress.  The WP Codex has instructions here.
  2. Go to Admin->Settings->Permalinks and set anything other than the default.
  3. Install and activate the theme that you will use.  A full-width theme is best.
  4. Add a new blank Page for the TNG display. Note the permalink for the Page.
  5. Install TNG.
    •  Create a folder for TNG in the same folder with wp-content. Copy (FTP?) all the TNG files into that folder.
    •  Open the readme.html file in a browser and follow the instructions for installing TNG.
    •  Be SURE to set the Language and Character Set to UTF-8.
    •  Don’t select a Template (This may not really matter.)
  6. Go to the TNG Admin page Setup->General Settings.
    • Go to ‘Paths and Folders’ and set ‘Config Path’ equal to the root page.
    •  Go to Site Design and Definition and set the ‘Genealogy URL’ to the permalink for your Page that you created in step 4.
  7. Go to TNG Admin->Setup->Template Settings, and set ‘Enable Template Selection’ to ‘No’.
  8. Go back to the TNG Admin page and import a GEDCOM so you will have some data to show.
  9. Go to TNG Public Home, check several menu items and make sure everything looks OK.
  10. Install the TNG WP plugin.
    •  Create the folder ‘tng-wordpress-plugin’ under wp-content/plugins/.  Copy the plugin tng.php file into it.

    NOTE:  Somewhere I saw instructions that said to copy the tng.php file into the wp-content/plugins folder.  That did not work for me. I always got an ‘insufficient permissions’ error when I tried to locate the TNG folder or save the TNG variables in step 11.

    NOTE:  A couple of bugs crop up later.  You may want to read ahead and fix them before uploading the file.

  11. Log into WP as admin and go to Plugins->All Plugins.  Activate the ‘TNG WordPress Integration’ plugin.  Ignore the warning that TNG cannot be found.
  12. Go to TNG->Options.
    • Select the Page from step 4 to ‘Show TNG on:’.
    •  Click ‘Search for TNG installation’ to have the ‘Path to TNG files:’ filled in.
    •  Check ‘Replace TNG homepage with WordPress page:’
    •  Be SURE to click ‘Update TNG variables’ and make sure there are no errors.
    •  Click ‘Save changes’.
  13. Go to Admin->Appearance->Widgets and drag the ‘TNG Search’ and ‘TNG Menu’ widgets into your sidebar.WARNING: If the ‘Recent Posts’ widget is in the sidebar and the genealogy page appears there, IT WILL MESS UP THE DISPLAY!.
  14. Go to your Home page and click the menu entry for your genealogy page.This should show the page with the widgets showing a WARNING!.This is apparently a bug in the plugin.  The languages files are now under the folder ‘languages’ and the plugin does not have that in its path.You can fix it by adding the line ‘global $languages_path;’ just after the ‘function mbtng_output . . .’ line in these two functions:

    function mbtng_output_search ($args) {

    function mbtng_output_menu ($args) {

    Thanks to ‘theKiwi’ on the TNG forum for this fix.

  15. Go back to the genealogy page after making this fix.  You should now see your blank page with the two TNG widgets in the sidebar.
  16. Click on ‘Surnames’ in the sidebar.  This should bring up a page with the following error:Warning: include() : Filename cannot be empty in /home/content/26/8300626/html/tngtest/tng/genlib.php on line 105Fix thisby changing line 104 to this:if( !$tngprint && !$flags[‘noheader’] && $customheader ) // MAM

    NOTE: It has been pointed out by an Admin (theKiwi) on the TNG WordPress Forum that this error was due to a missing value for ‘Custom Header’ in TNG->Admin->Setup->General Settings->Site Design and Definition.  It should have been ‘topmenu.php’.  My mistake!

  17. That should do it!  You should now have a fully functional TNG genealogy page on your site!  All that is left to do is fill in the content of the genealogy page for the introduction to the features of the TNG pages.

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