Tutorial On Walker Class for wp_nav_menu

Have you ever wondered how you could change the look of the Custom Menus provided by WordPress 3+?  Here is a tutorial on creating a ‘Walker’ that will let you do that.

OK, so what is a ‘Walker’?

A Walker is just a bit of code that can process a list of items one at a time – it ‘walks’ the list.  The walker is called once for each item, in order, and receives all the details about each item.  It is responsible for assembling the details into the desired output for the item.

The tutorial shows you how to create a Walker that will add a short description to each top level menu item.

One Response to Tutorial On Walker Class for wp_nav_menu

  • Ted Wilson says:

    Killer! Thanks for walking me through “walker”.
    Had no clue this was even a possibilty until now!

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