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I recently completed a project for an organization that wanted to have a ‘Members Only’ area for certain users.  Their initial requirement was to have 3 groups of Members: Supervisor, Tutor, and Student, each with their own capabilities and content restricted to the group.

I was able to satisfy this requirement with Artisteer 3 and WP 3.2 by adding the “Members” plugin by Justin Tadlock.  Using the plugin, I created 3 Roles for the 3 groups.  I added a Custom Capability to each Role.

Role Custom Capability
Supervisor  mam_supervisor
Tutor mam_tutor
Student mam_student

Standard capabilities were checked for each Role as needed.

Now, when a User is added, they are assigned to the appropriate Role using the standard WP Admin panel for editing Users.

Three Categories were also created, one for each Role.  The Roles control who can view the content, and the Categories control which items appear for a given menu selection.

When a Page or Post is added, it is assigned to one or more Roles and Categories by checking as many of the available Roles or Categories as needed.  For example, a Supervisor Post would be assigned the Supervisor Role and Category.  Since Supervisors are allowed to view all Member content, a Tutor Page would be assigned both the Supervisor and Tutor Roles and Categories.

An item was added to the menu with the following structure:

  • Members Only – top level, non-clickable
    • Tutors Only – category Tutor
    • Students Only – category Student

However, once the site was available for viewing, the client decided that the menu items should be hidden unless the User had the appropriate Role.  My solution to that is on the Next Page —

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