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Custom Taxonomies

Custom taxonomies are a great way to tailor WordPress to your exact needs. Unfortunately, most people never use them because they seem too complicated. The articles below will help to clear up the fog and let you use these tools.

Justin Tadlock on Custom Taxonomies

CODEX: add_meta_box to add a meta box for hierarchical custom taxonomies

CODEX: Adding Admin Menus for adding a menu item for hierarchical custom taxonomies

Template Hierarchy

WordPress follows a strict hierarchy when searching for the correct template to use for a given query. It is very helpful to understand which template will be used for each situation. This Codex article explains the search order and has a diagram showing the search paths.

Codex: Template Hierarchy

How to widgetize a theme

It is often useful to add a new area for widgets to a theme. The article in the link below provides a tutorial for ‘widgetizing’ a theme.

How to widgetize a theme


Hackers (in the bad sense) are everywhere! An entire industry has grown up to satisfy the need to protect our computers and web sites. And yet, most of us do not take even the basic steps to protect our WordPress sites. The two articles below should give you a start in ‘hardening’ your site.

5 Tips you don’t follow

A comprehensive guide

Arbitrary WordPress Queries

Here is a nice tutorial on using your own table in a WordPress query.

Using an external orderby condition – a tutorial on query filters

WordPress as CMS

I don’t think you will find any two people who agree completely on what features are needed to have a ‘real’ CMS.  I have my own views on the subject, but I think I am swimming against the tide.  Anyway, here are my thoughts and a couple of tutorials that explain how others use WP as a CMS.   Continue reading

Category Pagination Fix

Apparently there was a problem with category pagination and pretty permalinks in version 2.7 (and others?).  This plugin claims to be a fix: